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With a rich history of success and a future full of innovation, Buffalo Niagara is the perfect region for advanced manufacturing. A skilled and robust workforce, strong ecosystem of colleges and universities, competitive incentives, and affordable industrial real estate help build the business case for Western New York.

Manufacturing is in their family fabric. People in Buffalo grew up with their parents on the line. They want to be engineers—it’s in their fabric.
- Ben Harp, Polymer Conversions

Explore the data below to find out what makes the Buffalo-Niagara region a hub for future growth!


Manufacturing Sector Average Earnings per Job


Manufacturing Jobs: Buffalo-Niagara is a hotspot for this kind of talent. The national average for an area this size is 52,555* employees, while there are 69,167 here.


Manufacturing Sector Gross Regional Product


Projected 5-year Job Growth vs. past Manufacturing Job Growth (-7.1%). The higher than average supply of talent may make it easier to find candidates.


Manufacturing-related CIP Educational Program Completions in Region (2021)


Manufacturing-related CIP Educational Programs Available in Region